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Symposium schedule is now online!

Cochrane is making £2.5 million available over the next three years and inviting bids from anyone - whether affiliated with Cochrane's network of contributors or not - who has a visionary idea that could help the organization deliver better informed healthcare decisions for the future. Applicants are invited to submit suggestions for new, large-scale ‘game-changing’ projects that will make a major impact on the way Cochrane’s Systematic Reviews and other healthcare evidence are produced or used.

The Canadian Cochrane Centre is starting a new blog which will feature a contribution from a different person/group each month. Do you have a burning desire to voice your opinion on a health-related issue? Has something happened in the world of health that you think deserves some attention? We’d love to hear from you about items like this and more! Contact the editor, Lori Tarbett, at ltarbett@ohri.ca with your ideas. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

The Cochrane Collaboration welcomes the Mexican Branch of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre. The new Branch, co-directed by Drs Giordano Pérez-Gaxiola and Alejandro González Garay, will continue promoting Cochrane throughout Mexico.

We are delighted to see Cochrane branching out around the world.

The Canadian Medical Association recently published an article about the student-run Cochrane blog, Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE). S4BE is a growing network of students from around the world, from school age to university, who are interested in learning more about evidence-based healthcare (EBH).

S4BE has partners from around the world and contributors from various countries. Visit cma.ca to read the entire article.