Cochrane Canada Live (webinars)

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Cochrane Canada Live presents you with a variety of learning opportunities that you can experience online for free. Cochrane Canada released Cochrane’s first webinar series in 2009, and it has since proven to be a favourite medium of training among Cochrane members in Canada and internationally. We focus on a wide range of topics that are relevant to people with beginner or advanced knowledge of Cochrane, Cochrane Reviews and Cochrane Library. Webinars allow you to learn with renowned research experts from around the world without the time and expense of having to travel. All you need to participate is a computer with internet access and speakers.

"Great format and medium for interacting with
colleagues around the world"

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Cochrane Canada Live! Webinars

  • Thursday, 10 December, 2015: Transforming Patient Care with Dr Bev SheaWhat is patient engagement? A cultural shift in the healthcare model has begun. Previously, scientists and healthcare workers were the main drivers of patient healthcare decisions but now patients and their families are more involved in making decisions about their own care and even future research initiatives. This shift is an opportunity to redefine and build relationships between research teams, health professionals and patients while co-designing and sharing responsibilities, and is being used at local healthcare organizations such as Bruyѐre Continuing Care (BCC) and the Bruyѐre Research Institute (BRI). During this webinar, Dr. Shea looks at both patient engagement in research and patient-centred care and will share some recent projects and experiences.

International Webinars

Along with Cochrane Canada Live!, Canadians have access to additional webinars hosted by Cochrane Centres from around the world, many of which are free. Please visit for a list of international webinars. Remember to check the time difference!

Cochrane Canada thanks the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization for providing the Blackboard Collaborate platform to make these webinars possible.

Webinar times are local time in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Consult The World Clock Meeting Planner to convert to your time zone. This could mean the next day in your part of the world for some attendees.

Please contact the Cochrane Canada, at if you have questions regarding webinars.